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Haley Castellano '20

“My experience at BSU has allowed me to grow, excel, lead and gain control of my health as well as my studies. BSU has empowered me to find my true self as a student, and I remain amazed by the opportunities presented to me during my time here. Receiving my scholarship helped me advance my studies and career. Not only did the scholarship remove the financial stress I was experiencing, it allowed me to direct my energy into excelling at my schoolwork instead of worrying about money.” - Haley Castellano '20, Major: Health Studies

Just a few decades ago 80 percent of our funding came from the state, and the remaining 20 percent from students. Today, those numbers are reversed. This means it has become harder and harder for students to work their way through school.

Because of you students who might otherwise not have the chance are earning BSU degrees. Every dollar you generously donate to the Bridgewater Fund makes an impact and relieves the financial burdens on students like Haley.

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