Bequests and Estate Planning

Leave a Lasting Legacy

A bequest is a way to feel good about leaving a legacy gift that supports BSU students into the future without your having to relinquish assets now – and they can be made in any amount.

What’s a Bequest?

Bequests are typically made from assets in your estate rather than disposable income, and come to university upon your passing. You can plan for a scholarship bequest intention by citing it in your will or living trust, which can be made with your attorney in a new plan or as a codicil existing document. An even easier method, which you can do without an attorney, is to assign Bridgewater as a full or partial beneficiary to a savings or investment account, retirement plan asset or life insurance policy. A bequest is flexible; you can alter or revoke it at any time.

You can establish a bequest intention of any amount designated for financial assistance. A bequest of more than $1,000 can be awarded in your name to an individual student as an annual scholarship, similar to our Sponsor-a-Student program. With a bequest of $25,000 or more, you can endow a scholarship fund in your name and according to your criteria, with the peace of mind that it will be awarded for generations to come. The terms of your leaving a scholarship bequest to BSU are always confidential. Because estate planning is a highly personal matter, only those who give us permission are publically recognized. If you share news of your scholarship bequest intention with us, we can work with you to ensure that your wishes are met. It allows us to celebrate your intention in your lifetime. And, your example may inspire others to join you.

Contact Mary Abbott at 508.531.1288 or to learn more about establishing a bequest intention or to let us know you already have!

Sample Bequest Language

I give to the Bridgewater State University Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, located in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA, the sum of $___________ (or _____% of my estate; or the property described herein) to be used for scholarship support as the ______________ (specify name to be used as well as whether it is an annual award or endowed fund). The Federal Identification Number for the Bridgewater State University Foundation is 22-2678005.