The Guy Clifford Scholarship Fund

Positioning Bridgewater State University students to make an impact
in our local and global communities




"Your gift was the encouragement I needed to keep going in the program. Thanks to you, I worried a little less about my finances so that I could focus on my educational responsibilities. 

You gave me the opportunity to continue my education!"

-Meredith Deacon, 2014 Guy Clifford Scholarship Recipient


Because of donors like you...
Students like Larry Azer are able to pursue their master's in Public Administration at Bridgewater State University and...

Advance the economic, civic and political life of our local and global community.

Improve the quality of life for our students and individuals they will go on to serve.

• Alleviate the financial burdens that many students face.

Primary Contact:
Elizabeth Dubuque
Associate Director of Advancement Operations