BSU Staff Alumni Group


With over 300 employees on campus who graduated from BSU, a natural comradery was already in place before making the BSU Alumni Employees an official campus organization. What better way to interact and network with our students on a daily basis then to have actually walked in their shoes on this campus. 

This group benefits from the ability to show our students how many Alumni are using their degrees in the many different capacities of higher eduacation. One of the goals is to create awareness for continued involvement post-graduation and helps students make connections with staff members who have BSU in common. It also promotes Alumni awarness and Alumni involvement around campus. From hosting networking events, assisting with events such as Move-in Day, Homecoming, Giving Day, and other areas such as mentoring and special projects, there are an array of areas where staff Alumni are able to participate and play a stronger role in our campus community. Once a bear always a bear. 

If you are a current employee and would like to join please email us at

This group specifically promotes donations to The Bridgewater Fund which directly impacts our students.