Dr. V. James DiNardo, '39, Award for Excellence in Teaching at Bridgewater

Dr. V. James DiNardo, '39 was a distinguished alumnus, educator and administrator from 1957 until his retirement from Bridgewater as Executive Vice President Emeritus in 1983. Each year, this award is presented to a current member of the Bridgewater State University faculty in recognition of excellence in teaching.

Award Criteria

The nominee demonstrates:

  • mastery of subject matter
  • an enthusiastic and inttellectually stimulating teaching style
  • empathy for and keen interests in students
  • effective modes of communication
  • meaniniful evaluation of students' progress

Nomations should address each of the above criteria in a detailed and specific manner.

Faculty ineligible for nomination are:

  • part-time faculty and faculty who do not have continuing appointments
  • faculty who are currently being evaluated for tenure or promotion
  • faculty on sabatical leave or leave of absence
  • faculty who have taught at Bridgewater State University fewer than three years

The award will be presented at the president's Faculty Awards for Excellence ceremony in the spring semester.

1984 Dr. Walter Morin
1985 Prof. Joanne Wuschke
1986 Robert Bent
1987 Dr. Jordian Fiore, '40
1988 Dr. George Weygand, '53, G'56
1989 Dr. Diane Peabody
1990 Prof. Johanne Smith
1991 Prof. Mercer Fellouris
1992 Prof. Thomas Moore
1993 Dr. James Brennan
1994 Dr. Robert Boutilier
1995 Dr. Michael Kryzanek
1996 Prof. Lee Dunne
1997 Prof. Margaret Joyce, '56, G'64
1998 Dr. Walter Hewitson
1999 Prof. Judith Deckers
2000 Dr. Clifford Wood, '60
2001 Dr. Robert Fitzgibbons
2002 Dr. Kevin Curry
2003 Prof. Kathleen Sevigny
2004 Dr. Suzanne Ramczyk
2005 Dr. Edward Brush
2006 Dr. Thomas Turner
2007 Dr. joseph Huber
2008 Dr. Ann Brunjes
2009 Dr. David Culver
2010 Dr. Robert Wolk
2011 Dr. Roger Dunn
2012 Dr. Phyllis Gimbel
2013 Dr. Melissa Nicole Freeburg
2014 Prof. Susan Miskelly
2015 Dr. Vernon Domingo
2016 Dr. Martin Grossman
2017 Dr. Jonghyun Lee
2018 Not Awarded