Admissions Ambassadors

You can help out-of-state students find the right fit at BSU by representing us at a local college fair in your community.  Become an Alumni Admission Ambassador today!

Try it once, do it annually, or volunteer for as many fairs that fit your schedule.  We'll train and equip you for success.  It only takes a few hours and promises to be well worth it.

If you're curious about becoming an Ambassador or have questions concerning admission to BSU, you can contact Associate Dean of Admission Todd Audyatis by phone at (508) 531-2608 or via email to

Are you ready to represent BSU? 

You can volunteer for any of the upcoming college fairs by sending us your contact info using our convenient online form.  If you want to see where these fairs are happening, we can show you all your options on Google Maps.

Check out the list of states below where volunteer assistance is needed this semester: