Alumni Chamber Choir


The BSU Alumni Chamber Choir (BSUACC) was founded in 1989 under the direction of BSU Professor Emeritus Dr. Jacob Liberles. Initially a small chamber choir, the BSUACC grew to 40 members over the years, and now has about 20 members. Although many of the faces have changed, the Choir has remained true to its roots as an organization composed of BSU alumni and community members singing together – and true to its fundamental goal: to perform high quality choral music.

Be sure to check the calendar above for dates and details of upcoming events. You can also read about our anticipated annual activities below. For more information, contact us at  

Attend a Performance 
The BSU Alumni Chamber Choir puts on two annual performances, one in the spring semester and the other in the winter around the holiday season. Both take place at the Central Square Congregational Church in Bridgewater. There are also occasional performances at various university and community events throughout the year.

Join the BSU Alumni Choir 
Like to sing? Consider joining the choir! We welcome alumni and members of the Bridgewater community and the only prerequisite is an interest in singing in a high quality chamber vocal ensemble. Stop by one of our weekly rehearsals any Wednesday during BSU's Fall and Spring semester, from 7:30 - 9:30 pm, at the Central Square Congregational Church, in Bridgewater.  

Do you want to be in the know? You can get the latest news and events about the choir by reaching out to any of the alumni volunteer leaders listed below or sending an email to (please include your contact info and express your interest in future updates).

For more information, please contact: 
Arthur Sharpe, President 
BSU Alumni Chamber Choir 

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Designate your gift to the Alumni Chamber Choir. You or your company can sponsor a specific performance or be a featured underwriter for a full season at any one of several levels.

Season Sponsor $5,000+

Performance Platinum Sponsor $1,000 - $4,999

Performance Gold Sponsor $500 - $999

Performance Silver Sponsor $250 - $499

Performance Program Sponsor $100 - $249

Supporter up to $99


Alumni Chamber Choir Members

Dr. Carol A. Nicholeris, '83
Music Director
BSU Faculty member
Edwin Milham
Guest Conductor Spring 2015
BSU Faculty member
Judith Armour '70, choir member 8 years
Carol Chaffee, Community Member, choir member 3 years
Mi Choe, BSU Student, choir member 3 years 
Anne Heywood '90, choir member 14 years
Sue St. Thomas, Community Member, choir member 4 years
Lynn Bates, Community Member, new choir member
Diane Card, BSU Alumna, choir member 1.5 years
Mary Domer '92, choir member 18 years
Nancy Donnelly '76, choir member 20 years
Jessica Perrault, Community Member, choir member 8 years
Karen Ruggiero '09, choir member 5 years
Jim Slavin, Community Member, choir member 2 years
Joe Snyders, Community Member, choir member 4 years
Jim Donnelly, Community Member, choir member 20 years
Ian Hudson '08, choir member 9 years
Arthur Sharpe '78, choir member 16 years
Tom St. Thomas '75, choir member 4 years